Freeride Ankogel Mallnitz

Powder, powder.. and more powder! As most of the mountain is facing the North, the powder is conserved there for a long time.

Freeride Ankogel

Freeriding at Ankogel is mostly connected to one thing: the well known tours on the Northern side where the powder stays for a long time. After a short ascent there’s a huge choice of great Northern downhills. But also on the Southern side you’ll get a great freeriding experience. In the same day you could first swing down the Southern side on firn and later find the perfect powder downhill on the Northern side – yes, all in one day!

The skiing area itself has only two gondola systems and two drag lifts, however, it opens the doors to a huge variety of downhills. Ankogel is perfect for skiing technique courses. For freeriding in the area some offpiste experience is needed, because most of the downhills are in a terrain with slopes of over 30 degrees. But that’s exactly what makes the area so interesting. Here you can swing down in perfect terrain. With a bit of ascent motivation even the majestic Ankogel can be crossed which gives the possibilty to conquer one of the best downhills in the whole area. A playground without limits!

Area Facts

Highest peak: 2636m
Longest downhill: 1400 height meters
Exposition: all possible, mostly S or N
Freetouring: possible (ascent with climbing skins and lift)
Number of lifts: 4
Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Downhill specs

Gullies, wide slopes, faces, partly woody areas
steepness between 30° bis 45°
long, from gentle to demandling slopes up to 1400 meters in altitude difference

Freeride Possibilities

Ankogel Süd mit allen Varianten
Ankogel Nord mit allen Varianten
Ebeneck Nord und Süd



  • Possibilites 80% 80%
  • Technical Experience 65% 65%
  • Steepness 40% 40%
  • Length 95% 95%

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