Freeride Mölltaler Gletscher (glacier)

The high alpine freeriding terrain in the midst of the over 3.000 meters high Hohe Tauern is open six months of the year

Freeriding at Mölltaler Gletscher

Freeriding at Mölltaler Gletscher is almost a neverending story. You could say that the saison starts when it just finished. At least that’s what we’d like. But in reality you can enjoy here amazing downhills with all various snow conditions and steepnesses almost six months of a year. If the weather conditions allow, it’s already possible to start in September and mostly it goes till May. And this end of season is only due to the one month break of the skiing lift operator.

The area offers the perfect playground for all difficulty levels. You can enjoy anything from chilled 300 height meter donwhills to 1200m long downhills. In the middle of winter the glacier is frequently exposed to wind transports due to the high alpine location. With expertise of the area it’s possible to find very good snow conditions though thanks to its varied expositions. Due to the high alpine location (there are also crevasses), we offer our freeriding tours only with local and regional guides who have a profound experience in the area. That’s because fun and security are the first priority for us!

Area Facts

Highest peak: 3125 m
Longest donwhill: 1500 height meters
Exposition: all possibilities
Freertouring: possible (ascent with skins and lift)
Lifts: 8
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Downhill specs

Gullies, wide slopes, faces, no woody areas
steepness between 30° bis 45°
long, from gentle to demandling slopes up to 1500 meters in altitude difference

Freeride Possibilities




  • Possibilites 100% 100%
  • Technical Experience 50% 50%
  • Steepness 45% 45%
  • Length 100% 100%

Where do I find this spot?